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Sail and create memories that will always put a smile on your face… Let the breeze enchant you, while relaxing on deck. Discover all these magical locations that make Cycladic islands a unique worldwide destination!!!
Places you can only visit during our special cruise. With many years sailing experience we put our client’s safety first! Our elegant motor yacht can elevate your comfort with upscale, luxurious moments shared or private.

Sail your soul...

Our goal is to treat you like Kings and Queens, to show you hidden gems around the Aegean and to make sure that every moment you spend with us is exceptional. So… Join us! We will keep you safe, treat you eith the well known Greek hospitality, take you to the most beautiful places of our islands and let you just… enjoy the ride!

A dream come true!

You will have the chance to swim in the blue crystal waters of the most fascinating beaches of our peaceful island and explore the biggest caves in Cyclades. If you wish a transfer to the other Cycladic islands, our yacht can take you there quickly and safe. Indulge yourselves with a day cruise, a sunset cruise, a transfer to other islands or make your perfect – customized cruise. We promise to offer you a unique sailing experience!!!

Private daily cruises - sea transfers

Life is full of special occasions and Cyclades is one of the most beautiful places in the world to celebrate them! We love organizing special day or sunset cruises charged with exciting moments and happy surprises. It can be a wedding proposal… Could you imagine a more suitable place than being in the middle of the Aegean sea embraced by the unique sunset? It can be your wedding reception or even your honeymoon… Seal your love on board watching the mesmerizing sunset while making a toast to your new life… It could even be a special private party… A birthday, an anniversary, a bachelor party or just a good excuse to have fun with friends and family! Have the time to your life on board surrounded by the breathtaking scenery…

Specific requirements

Contact us for any specific requirements Cruise around the Greek islands, spend romantic day on board, each time at a different island, that way personalizing your cruise to your wishes and dreams and having the ability to explore the true wonders that the Cycladic islands have to offer…

We Provide the Best Services