Where is Koufonisia:

Koufonissia belongs to the Cyclades islands group and more especially in the "Small Cyclades islands" group. It is very close to Naxos.

Discover Koufonisia

Located on the southern side of Naxos, Koufonissia is famous for the exotic beaches and the relaxing atmosphere. Only Pano Koufonissi is inhabited, while Kato Koufonissi is visited with a boat trip for the nice beaches, naturism and free camping. Most beaches in Koufonissia are accessible on foot or by bicycle. Dive in the exotic, blue-green water and experience the most relaxing holidays.

Why Koufonissia: Sandy beaches with turquoise waters, family friendly (no cars), small islands, calm and easy-going, free camping and naturism (Kato Koufonissi).

Highlights: Pori beach, Gala, Day tour to Kato Koufonisi. Tips: Suggested ideal island hopping from Naxos, Amorgos, Donoussa.

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