Visit Cyclades and the sourounding islands with the safety and the luxury that a rib boat can provide.

The Fantasy Rib Charter specialized in rigid inflatable boats (RIB) charter. With a wide range of boats from 5,6m to 12m we provide you the best options.

Our fleet consists of luxury Rigid – hulled Inflatable Boats (RIB) which can offer you the unique choice to discover all the hidden beauties of the Aegean Sea and enjoy unforgettable moments of relaxation with your family or friends.


During the day tour, guests have the chance to lay their eyes on Naxos’ colorful palette from the immeasurable sea azure to the multicolored cliffs and lays, from the ivory churches to the dug into the rocks – mysterious caves. Naxos’ immense beauty is breath-taking and our company will provide an unforgettable tour. Either you prefer to be the only guests on our boat in a private cruise, either you want to be a part of a company on a semi – private daily cruise, we are here to make your excursion a memory of life!


During the sunset tour, visitors come even closer to the world’s most stunning sunset. It is an ideal tour for couples, newlyweds or even for amorous wedding proposals.


Hopping Island! Naxos is surrounded by many dazzling islands. Both the smaller ones like Ios, Anafi, Folegandros, Koufonisia and the bigger ones like Mykonos, Santorini, Amorgos are just a few minutes away with one of our high speed and luxurious boats. Do not miss the opportunity to visit one or even more of these islands on a cruise based on your own needs and desires.! Do not miss the chance…


The ultimate deluxe Water Limo Services are provided by Fantasy Cruises in style and elegance. This upscale service is tailored on the clients’ wishes and demands. Make an impressive entrance in a seaside restaurant in the island of your choice or get transferred discreetly in a hotel resort or villa, we guarantee the real V.I.P. distinguished experience. Combine the land with the water VIP limo service. Our partners can pick you up from the airport of your arrival with a luxurious limo car of your preference type and deliver you literally onboard of our rib where our captain and staff will greet and welcome you.


Naxos: The perfect summer destination. Naxos may include everything you need for your summer getaway. It combines the typical Cycladic landscape, crystal clear seas and delicious local produce. World famous for cheeses, potatoes, olive oil and many other products, your decision to visit the island predetermines the fact that you will taste unforgettable delicacies!


Looking for a fun weekend evening activity? Look no further! Share a unique experience with family and friends and dance the night away aboard a DJ Dance or Live Music cruise on the Fantasy Rib Cruises.


Roam the legendary Aegean Sea and claim it as your own! Ride the wind, feel the sun on your face and the sea on your lips, and let your senses carry you away! Escape to magical secluded bays, explore pristine coves and unspoiled or even cosmopolitan beaches. Find the hidden gems and secret treasures of the Greek islands. Swim and snorkel in crystal clear waters, dive with sea scooters, sunbathe or simply relax, while watching breathtaking sunsets and listening to your favorite music!


Make your next special occasion stand out! Whether celebrating a class reunion, birthday party, anniversary, graduation party, wedding proposal or any other special occasion, a cruise with Fantasy Ribs makes it truly unforgettable.


If you want on your vacation to become the Indiana Jones of the Cyclades and discover for yourself all the hidden beauties of Naxos, then Fantasy RIB Rental has the solution for you. Rent one of our boats and indulge in the search for the most crystal clear waters and the most unexplored beaches…


Fantasy Rib Cruises is the most advanced rib boat rental operator in Naxos and has been a provider of yachting services for more than 20 years. Our mission is to provide our end-users an unforgettable sea journey experience of the Greek islands, focusing on safety and 24-hour support. Fantasy Rib Cruises operates more than 4 boats, ranging from 8 up to 12 meters from 1 key-port in Naxos. Fantasy Rib Cruises offers the latest modern and fully equipped rib boat options in the market and our highly experienced staff guaranties your satisfaction in a wide range of services, including bare boat charter, skippered boats, daily-trip excursions, short & long-term charters, promotions, incentives, sea transfers, flotilla group, sea patrol and chase tenders.


Sea Fishing Adventure by Fantasy RIB boat. Join this adventurous sea fishing excursion around Naxos! A catch is guaranteed. You will be picked up at Naxos Port. Then you head out with a RIB boat certified for ocean safaris that makes a top speed of 40-62 knots. All captains are certified to guarantee your safety. Thanks to the fast boats, no time is wasted on transportation to and from the fishing area. Extra Tip: If you wish to accompany your friends and relatives in a Naxos Fishing Tour, but you are not really keen on fishing, then you should know that there are plenty of interesting things for you to do on board! For example you will be able to enjoy the tour. This area has an abundance of bird life and sea mammals such as sea-eagles, dolphins, turtles, seals and seabirds, boat’s staff will guide you with all information about the sights and attractions that you will see, you can enjoy the unique view of Naxos and the famous Naxian sunset while others are trying to catch the fishes! Moreover, the Fantasy fishing boat is comfortable and you can sunbathe and relax, to enjoy swimming, snorkelling and savouring mouth-watering delicacies, as you are sailing in the Aegean Sea and around Cyclades and the island of Naxos.


Do you want to discover the beauty of the Aegean sea? We offer the best option. A weekly excursion within 7 days with our powerfull ribs. It starts from Naxos island and you can visit Paros, Mykonos, Santorini, Amorgos, Koufonisia and other Cycladic islands.
With a speedboat license or not, be ready for an adventure as we provide you a skipper as well!
Enjoy the ride!

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